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Go Green

Environment Conservation Initiative

People are subconsciously drawn to conducive and positive neighbourhood in order to fulfil their emotional needs. One of these factors include the natural tendency to find peace in nature which is why we injected elements of nature into our mall designs to invoke a feeling of being in tune with nature.


The Good Earth Project


Currently geared towards the processing of food waste from food & beverage businesses in Sutera Mall, The Good Earth Project aims to reduce the amount of food waste that goes out of our township. An estimated 500kg daily organic waste from Sutera Mall’s food and beverage businesses is used to create compost and applied by our landscaping team to surrounding plants as an alternative to synthetic fertilisers.

By reducing outgoing waste, we hope to contribute to minimising the use of space for landfills.     

Workers processing finished compost made of food waste


Local Learning Hub

Armed with My Library, Sutera Mall forms one of the focal points for learning and educational studies in order to expose the people to our friendly neighbourhood EM and also to good environmental practices. In 2012, Sutera Mall hosted an exhibition called “EM & ME” to raise awareness of the public to EM and how it can help with improving our living environment. Our Green Walkers also regularly work with My Library to conduct monthly activities like workshops, demonstrations and talks to promote good environmental habits.

Environmental talks held at My Library 2012 EM & ME Exhibition Food waste composting demonstration


Sutera Mall's Green Feature

Power and water saving are among the key environmentally friendly initiatives promoted in Sutera Mall.

The building itself is orientated and designed to receive maximum natural sunlight at the toilets and atriums during the day, thus eliminating the need to power artificial lights. Natural lighting coupled with the lush surrounding greenery make the area exudes a sense of calm serenity that is hard to come by in a modern day hustle and bustle.  

The Mall is also equipped to harvest rainwater used for watering plants, flushing, washing car parks, as well as other janitorial duties. Besides, the implementation of EM as a natural cleaning and landscaping agent eliminates the need to use synthetic chemical products which could otherwise have dire consequences to our fragile environment.


Lush greenery at Sutera Mall provides a balance between building and environment












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