Halloween Mystery Detective Game 2021

15 Oct 2021 to 31 Oct 2021

一支探索幽灵的探险队闯入了废弃建筑内寻找幽灵的足迹,但是队长却遇害了... 诡异的铃声一直传来... 到底这里隐藏着什么秘密?红衣女子是谁?不死族人又是什么?
A discovery team breaks into the abandoned building to look for ghosts. The leader had gone missing with the sound of the ringing bell.  What secrets lie in this abandoned building? Who is the "Undead"? 
10月15日 一楼线索房见!
Collect evidence, find out the truth and stand a chance to win prizes worth RM3000
Mystery awaits 15 Oct 2021 @Level 1 Evidence Room

如何参与How to join:
Watch the video to understand the story
Head to Level 1 Evidence room to collect important evidence and figure out who’s the murderer.
填写你的答案,提交google form即完成参与步骤。
Fill in your answers into Google form then submit.
The Evidence Room consists of a lot of key evidence. Players are advised to observe, read and understand the background, motivation, relationships and timeline of all characters. All these evidence help players in finding the true murderer. 
 奖品 Prizes:
成功找出凶手 即有机会获得总值RM3000丰富奖品
Find out the truth and stand a chance to win prizes worth RM3000

高级神探x3位 奖品价值RM300 (Top Detective x3 Prizes worth RM300)
推理王侦探 x10位 奖品价值RM100 (Inferential Detective x10 Prizes worth RM100)
特优侦探 x50位 奖品价值RM20 (Excellent Detective x50 Prizes worth RM20)

Rules & Regulations:

1. The game is open for all ages.
2. Participants need to watch Sutera Halloween video on Sutera Mall official Facebook page / Youtube channel, collect evidence in Level 1 Evidence Room, answer the questions in Google Form and submit.
3. Each shopper is only entitled to one submission. Duplicate submission will not be entertained.
4. There are three tiers of prizes in the game:
 i. Top Detective x3 Prizes worth RM300
 ii. Inferential Detective x10 Prizes worth RM100
 iii. Excellent Detective x50 Prizes worth RM20
5. Participants are allowed to touch and read certain evidence in the Evidence Room. If signage is placed at certain area/object, participants are not allowed to touch or relocate these objects.
6. Participants are required to follow the signage and direction inside the Evidence Room.
7. Participants are to make sure objects in the Evidence Room are always in their original place. Put back the objects after reading. Do not damage the objects inside the Evidence Room.
8. Each time only maximum of 10 people are allowed in the Evidence Room.
9. Visitors are compulsory to scan My Sejahtera app before entering the Evidence Room and comply with all SOPs.
10. The management will select the winners from the Google Form submitted.
11. Event period: 15/10 – 30/10
12. The correct answer will be revealed on 31 Oct 2021 on Sutera Mall official Facebook page / Youtube channel.
13. Tenant staff, employees of Tanah Sutera, and their family members are not allowed to participate in the program.
14. Sutera Mall Management reserve the right to amend any terms and conditions at any time as and when necessary, without advance notice.
15. The decision of Sutera Mall Management on winners is final and cannot be disputed.


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