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Season Café Hush Puppies Akaka Melaka Cendol x Sutera Mall
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<div class='event-date'>18 Sep 2020 to 20 Sep 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Mid-Autumn Party</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>04 Sep 2020 to 01 Oct 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Mooncake Promotion 2020</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>31 Aug 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>"Bersama Kita Merdeka" Check in & Win.</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>07 Aug 2020 to 16 Aug 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Health & Fitness Promotion</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>01 Aug 2020 to 31 Aug 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>You Jiak I Treat</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>01 Aug 2020 to 30 Sep 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Guess the Value of Shopping Trolley</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>01 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Weekday Happy Hour Redemption</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>28 Mar 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Earth Hour 2020</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>27 Mar 2020 to 05 Apr 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Natura Roadshow</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>27 Mar 2020 to 05 Apr 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Panasonic Roadshow</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>08 Mar 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>International Women’s Day</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>28 Feb 2020 to 08 Mar 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Health & Beauty Fair</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>21 Feb 2020 to 23 Feb 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Bliss Wedding Fair 2020</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>15 Feb 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Convocation of the Great Fighters by Johor I Care</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>07 Feb 2020 to 09 Feb 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Jio Market 揪·新山新春市集</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>07 Feb 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Mix & Match Chap Goh Mei Celebration</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>18 Jan 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Creative Red Packet Design Contest</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>15 Jan 2020 to 16 Feb 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Dinosaur Fun Park</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>11 Jan 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Lunar New Year Paper Cutting Contest</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>04 Jan 2020 to 25 Jan 2020</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Sutera Exercise Jan 2020</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>31 Dec 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>One Nation 2020 New Year Countdown Party</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>03 Dec 2019 to 24 Dec 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Sutera Exercise & Zumba Christmas Party Dec 2019</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>08 Nov 2019 to 11 Nov 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Johor Art Education Expo 2019 (JAEE)</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>05 Nov 2019 to 26 Nov 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Sutera Exercise Nov 2019</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>01 Nov 2019 to 03 Nov 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Modern Living Home Expo</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>31 Oct 2019 to 01 Nov 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>The Nightmare “Survive the Night” Halloween Haunted House</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>26 Oct 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Deepavali Promotion 2019</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>26 Oct 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Sutera Lets Go Pink</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>20 Oct 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Seminar Iskandar Puteri towards Low Carbon Society</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>11 Oct 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Halloween Parade</h4></div> <div class='event-date'>05 Oct 2019 to 06 Oct 2019</div><div class='event-title'><h4>Costime III by Junboku Event</h4></div>
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