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Cuan Yue
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‘Cuan Yue’ started with a simple determination of a farmer by the name “Mr Yang” with his dream to bring forth innovative and high-quality foods to satisfy the taste buds of his fellow Chinese people. Inspired by Sichuan Mala, ‘Cuan Yue’ is based retaining the essence of it’s “Sweet, Spicy, Fresh and Fragrant taste of Mala”, using fresh Big bones, mixing dozens of natural spices and placing it on a brew for 4 hours to create the ultimate soup base, a truly “Mala” soup that you can enjoy in every sip. Creating a classic and healthy food choice that has soon become the king of fast food in Northern and Southern China. The concept of combining Healthy Eating with Spicy Food. Mala Tang is the new style hot pot consumption method that is rapidly taking over the world one at the time. In recent years, with the entry of 80/90 generations into the workforce, which-collars has since continued to expand, and the demand for dining out and healthy meals has also increased. In order to meet the needs of this growing demand, Cuan Yue Mala Tang is both economical and healthy, the preferred fast meal preferred by many, so consumers can enjoy the deliciousness with the peace of mind.
Cuan Yue   Cuan Yue   Cuan Yue   Cuan Yue
Copyright © 2021 by Sutera Mall. All rights reserved.