Check in & Win!

Date 22 May - 21 June 2020
Check in & Win!! 10 Lucky Winners will be walking away with RM50 Sutera Mall Cash Vouchers!
When you visit us, make sure to "Check In" to Sutera Mall Johor Bahru!
You'll stand a chance to win the RM50!!
How to join? How to join?
Step 1 Step 1:
Snap a photo of you having meals or shopping in any outlets in Sutera Mall

Step 2 Step 2:
Check in at Sutera Mall Johor Bahru on Facebook or Instagram
  Check in & Win!
Step 3 Step 3:
Tag 3 friends

Step 4 Step 4:
Publish with caption "Hey, I am back!" / 嘿~我回来了!(set your post to public)
GiftGiftGift 10 lucky winners will be pick and announcement will be made via Sutera Mall's Facebook and Instagram.
*T&C applies